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    12 days 11 nights in Japan (itinerary) under S$2500

    Tokyo @spoiltbytes

    Here’s an overview of the places I have been during my trip in Japan during end April to May. We kept to a very strict budget so this whole trip didn’t cost us more than SGD 2900. Not to mention, I only brought along a cabin size luggage with me, and ended the trip with no check-ins. The places I covered in this 12 days are Tokyo, Osaka, Himeji, Kobe, Kyoto and Nara. This is a work in progress post, I will update it with photos from time to time when I’m done with this post. I wanted to share it quickly for those whoΒ thinking of going to Japan during the school holidays!
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  • @spoiltbytes
    Food Travel

    Tsukiji Fish Market (Tokyo)

    This place is super crowded! But they also have very interested seafood dishes that you don’t get to see elsewhere so if you get a chance to go. You don’t have…

  • @spoiltbytes
    Food Travel

    Butagumi (Tokyo)

    I can say probably the best tonkatsu I have ever tasted! My only regret is that I didn’t order more because we had another tonkatsu dinner plans with my friends else…

  • @spoiltbytes

    Mori Art Center (Tokyo)

    This place is a next to the Roppongi station. I wanted to visit an art museum but also want to take photos so we decided this place would kill two birds…

  • @spoiltbytes
    Food Travel

    St-Marc Cafe (Tokyo)

    After eating Ichiran ramen, I met up with my friends and we were hunting high and low for a cafe to just sit down and chill. Seriously didn’t know that finding…

  • Food Travel

    Ichiran Ramen (Tokyo)

    This is one of the most raved ramen when I did a search for what ramen to eat in Tokyo. My flight was an early morning flight so by the time…

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    Summer Smart Casual

    Simple outfit for today – Layering white tank top paired with a teal stitch capri from Giordano Ladies.…

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    Tealicious – Hyde & Co

    Tons of cafes have sprouted out in Singapore over the past years, and while YH & I love to visit them, we aren’t coffee drinkers, which most cafes seems to focus…

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    Singapore Pet Expo

    This is Buzz, he is Fabs and Olaf real father who happen to be this year Singapore Cat Show’s Champion. We went down to show our support and also to see…