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I love cats & dogs, mostly cats mainly because they are just so much easier to take care of. I have two Ragdoll cats which I very much love. One of them is called Fabulous Fabio and the other one is Cranky Olaf. Fabio is a very calm friendly and handsome cat, he likes to be around people, whines quite a bit. Olaf is a very hyper and curious cat, he has a very cute face and gallops around the hops instead of walking. You would see most of their adventures in here.

@Fabsandolaf in Nekoya @spoiltbytes

A Review of the Nekoya Cat Boarding Hotel in Singapore

As you can tell, Yuhui and I love going overseas. However as most pet owners know, going overseas isn’t that straightforward when you have fur kids. Arguably cats are somewhat easier to leave alone and we find this true…

Fabs and Olaf

Getting fussy cats to take their supplements

Olaf and Fabs have very different eating habits. Olaf is super adventurous and will try to eat nearly anything while Fabs behaves like we’re trying to poison him with anything new. While it makes giving Fabs any supplements or…


The search for the right treat (Take 1)

Post written by Weiyi aka Spoiltbytes’ husband. Photos by @Spoiltbytes. The boys love their food. And I really do mean they love their food. So far Sannabelle has worked wonders for us. The boys love it and we’ve been…

Cats Home

Cat Fur Management

Post written by Weiyi aka Spoiltbytes’ husband. Photos by @Spoiltbytes. 5 things I’ve learnt about managing cat fur for the OCD person. I’ve always been quite OCD when it comes to cleanliness. I’m not the most organised person in…

@spoiltbytes studio
Cats Design Home

Spoiltbytes’ Black and White Studio

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored collaboration with IKEA, however all ideas, opinions and thoughts are my own. Today I will be showing you an updated version of my studio, which I have been spending most of my time in.…


Summer Smart Casual

Simple outfit for today – Layering white tank top paired with a teal stitch capri from Giordano Ladies.…

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Singapore Pet Expo

This is Buzz, he is Fabs and Olaf real father who happen to be this year Singapore Cat Show’s Champion. We went down to show our support and also to see Buzz, it has been almost 6-7 months since…

Cats Design Home

White House Tour

It’s been almost a year since we gotten our keys to our home, but only manage to move in Aug/Sept last year. So welcome, let me do a e-tour! It’s quite a tiny space, so we had to be…

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Cats Travel

15 cats you would probably meet in Turkey

Cats are everywhere in Turkey, I think in a couple more years the cats might be more than the humans living there. So these are some of the cats I met during my holiday in Turkey and I decided…