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As the introduction goes, I’m a designer and I really enjoys my work. Anything about design excites me, gives me the inspiration to want to create from arts and craft to lettering. I love doing brush lettering, I didn’t take courses for it as I didn’t want to do the “right” way of writing. I’m quite happy with the outcome of what I have created sometimes it surprises me. I would post everything and anything that relates to design from my work to home in here.


Thank You 2017. Hello 2018!

Although I still have ton of things on my mind, I finally set aside some time to look back over the past 1 year to count my blessings. I haven’t really had time to catch a breather to evaluate…

Design Home

Spoiltbytes Wardrobe

The reaction that I usually get when people come to my house is that.. 1. Why is my wardrobe space shared with my husband? 2. Is that all you got? 3. How come so little? 4. How is this…

@spoiltbytes studio
Cats Design Home

Spoiltbytes’ Black and White Studio

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored collaboration with IKEA, however all ideas, opinions and thoughts are my own. Today I will be showing you an updated version of my studio, which I have been spending most of my time in.…

Design Home

Happy Fathers’ Day Prints

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored collaboration with IKEA, however all ideas, opinions and thoughts are my own. Fathers’ Day is coming and unlike moms.. Dads’ gifts are always the hardest to get. They seem to not want anything, or…

Design DIY

DIY Project by IKEA X In Merry Motion & BBH

Early this morning, I was invited to attend a session at IKEA. I learnt how to make poms poms! We made a pretty corkboard with the fake flowers from ikea. Each of our DIY station is personalised. Super sweet.…


Singaplural 2016

It was just yesterday, Chang told me I had to check out Singaplural. Straight away I went to do a search on it and asked Stef and JL to go down together first thing when they open! The exhibition…

Cats Design Home

White House Tour

It’s been almost a year since we gotten our keys to our home, but only manage to move in Aug/Sept last year. So welcome, let me do a e-tour! It’s quite a tiny space, so we had to be…


New Year New Colouring Book

December 2015 had opening new doors, new opportunities and new friends to me. Because of that, I get to know of a sweet lady who showed this colouring book to me. When I was first introduced to this colouring book,…


Prints for Gifts

It’s time for Christmas shopping and I thought would be nice to share a bit of my writings with you guys. These are my unique pieces I did when I was playing with colours. I hardly do any colours…

Design Home

House Preview Tour

My place is almost 90% done, a little more packing and decorating I think it will be almost complete! Been staying here for almost a month, I really enjoyed the whole process of building my own little home. Here’s…


How do Singaporeans get their projects on Kickstarter?

That’s one question I’ve been getting from friends, and also from backers. My project for those who haven’t seen it before, you can view it here. And the very question when I was looking through Kickstarter, I saw a…