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I enjoy doing mini DIY to save money and learning how to create them. I tend to hoard items because of this, thinking that I might be able to use them to make this and that. I just hate it when I want to make something and I can’t seem to get the material so my studio now has more than 20 over bottles just sitting on the shelves waiting for me to think of something new to make. Hope the DIY section inspires you to create more nonsense that sits around and maybe does nothing.

By Spoiltbytes
DIY Home

New Favourite item in IKEA

Last year, my favourite item from IKEA was the white ladder which I bought two of them (if you follow me on Instagram you will know which one). I love so many things from IKEA, I frequent the place at…

@spoiltbytes X IKEA
DIY Home

Spoiltbytes’ Eco Garden

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored collaboration with IKEA, however all ideas, opinions and thoughts are my own. It has been months since I planted something, last year I planted a garden of herbs but they pretty much died on…

Design DIY

DIY Project by IKEA X In Merry Motion & BBH

Early this morning, I was invited to attend a session at IKEA. I learnt how to make poms poms! We made a pretty corkboard with the fake flowers from ikea. Each of our DIY station is personalised. Super sweet.…