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I love travelling, I love to share my experiences of the places I went. Hidden treasures in different country and places to find like food, or scenery. I would say I’m not a budget traveller. I like nice and fancy places with good food. Road trips are also one of the must haves after being spoilt in Iceland just driving and stopping at random places for a photo.

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St-Marc Cafe (Tokyo)

After eating Ichiran ramen, I met up with my friends and we were hunting high and low for a cafe to just sit down and chill. Seriously didn’t know that finding one that is not crowded in Tokyo is…

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Ichiran Ramen (Tokyo)

This is one of the most raved ramen when I did a search for what ramen to eat in Tokyo. My flight was an early morning flight so by the time I reached Tokyo it was already late afternoon…

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Sakura in Singapore

This is the first time ever I have seen Sakura in my life! Although I had plans to go Japan this year, it has been wrecked so this is a mini Japan tour for me. Well if you have…


Day trip Singapore to Batam for 6hrs Massage

Needed a getaway for an intensive session of massage so my hubby and I were camping for cheap flight to BKK, since the last time we went there, we did a 5hr massage session at Asia Herb Association. It…


Gardens by the Bay (NSFW)

Being a tourist in my own country, I have been delaying a trip to Gardens by the Bay for a long time because I know one day I have to go there someday with my overseas friends or family.…


Cappadocia (Turkey) Hot Air Balloon

This is the reason why Turkey is one of the places I need to travel to before I die. The thought of waking up early at 4am to get ready and get picked up at 4:30am to head to…

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Kenting (Taiwan) 2 days 1 night

Earlier on in the year, I went to Taiwan and visited Kenting for a day, I stayed over at this place called La Chic from airbnb. The link to the place is here. This place is a 3 bedroom…

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15 cats you would probably meet in Turkey

Cats are everywhere in Turkey, I think in a couple more years the cats might be more than the humans living there. So these are some of the cats I met during my holiday in Turkey and I decided…