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15 cats you would probably meet in Turkey

2014-10-08 17.43.49

2014-10-19 16.58.48

Cats are everywhere in Turkey, I think in a couple more years the cats might be more than the humans living there. So these are some of the cats I met during my holiday in Turkey and I decided to give them names, in future if I ever get to meet them again.

2014-10-06 20.08.27

Ali (cat on the left) and Baba (cat on the right) both of them were the first 2 cats I fed in Turkey. I had the most gross and dry tasting meatballs ever, so Ali and Baba looked like they really wanted my dish very badly. I decided to gave them everything sneakily without the chef noticing.

2014-10-07 12.49.17

Eva the roof cat, this cat greeted me in the morning by meowing on the roof.

2014-10-07 13.10.25

Leo, the belly showing cat, the first time I met Leo, he was just flipping around showing his belly to me. I was too hungry to entertain him so I took his photo and walk away. He looked kinda offended.

2014-10-19 17.05.25

This is Milfred, the train station cat, seems like age is catching up with Milfred. I suspect Istanbul is too fast for Milfred, he looks rough.

2014-10-07 13.28.47

This is William, the offended the cat, because I fed the kitten with some meat but not him.

2014-10-07 13.29.21

And this is Mini, the kitten that I fed. Check out the belly is a tad huge for a tiny kitten.

2014-10-07 16.35.45

Katey, the street cat that doesn’t give a hoot about your presence.

2014-10-08 09.27.09

And this is Mini’s sibling, I decided to call it Stuart, because of his very stunned face.

2014-10-19 10.47.16

This is Ryu, the street fighter cat, seems like he lost his eye due to a fight.

2014-10-19 16.55.42

Leon, the window cat, he just stones in that cozy corner and zone out.

2014-10-19 16.59.05

Orange, the dreamer cat, I bet he’s dreaming of awesome turkish meatballs now.

2014-10-19 17.02.04

This is Felix, the pretty grumpy cat, he is kinda of a hipster hanging around coffee places absorbing the coffee smell into his fur.

2014-10-19 17.03.23

Lucy, the cat that doesn’t give a shit. Such is life.

2014-10-08 17.43.49

Lastly I shall end with Leila, the prettiest cat I saw in Turkey. She came to met with those eyes asking me to give her my whole dish of meat. I gave her some eventually but she got shoo-ed away by the waitress. That’s all for the cats profile in Turkey, let me know if you met any of them!

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