10 things you might want to know before keeping cats

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These are the things I didn’t know but learnt along the way when I first brought my kittens home. They have brought us so much joy and frustrations! Hope people out there can have a good idea what to expect in mind before bringing the fluff balls back!

#1 Fabric sofa is a giant scratching post

Even when you have a few scratching posts next to it. The sofa is still da best! It is also their toy bank, I got 10 rats for them and we found all 10 underneath when cleaning the house.

#2 Fur rolling every where

1 lint roller ain’t enough, you need 10 extras! With a robot vacuum that goes around your house daily. One of my good investment would be the Dyson V6 mattress, it sucks up all the fur + dust mites and other nonsense off my sofa + bed.

#3 Cool Tiles

They love hanging out in the toilet especially in the noon. It’s they favourite nap spot.

#4 Pee-Wee litter + box

I have gone through 3 types of litter, 2 small litter box and 1 toilet bowl training kit. The best of all is still Pew-wee litter, the more they pee the more pine smell is release in the air. Ahhhhh… Pine trees….

#5 BURP! 

Best treats to bribe them. Compared to the other treats my husband bought (he goes mad with the treats, he buys all kinds flavor for them), only this particular one drives them nuts.  However, this is like KFC to them so don’t feed too much!

#6 Furminator

Other than picking up all the fur flying around the house. We felt the need to tackle “the problem” so we did a quite intensive research online and everyone seems to be saying good stuff about this brush. So we decided to try, compared to the previous brush this picks up a lot more fur!

#7 3M Floor Mat

The mat is the red one at the back, we wanted to get a darker colour but it is sold out. More colours here. Previously when we are using the sand litter, this thing works like your trusty good buddy. Our litter box is in the toilet so we put this mat at the entrance before they step out. We def don’t see any sand after that, however we have moved from the sand litter to pee-saw so this is quite useless now.

#8 Plastic bags

Fabs is crazy about plastic bags, we need to be very careful with the bags lying around or even in the bin. The way he sees plastic is like seeing drugs, he gets so satisfy just chewing on it. We had to stop him.

#9 Bath time = Pee time

Taking baths is not their favourite thing but they are really pleasant, usually for the first 10-15mins they are in a denial mode of touching water. After 20mins in, they realised that there’s no turning back. It is when they start to meow like someone trying to kill them. Usually they will stick very closely to the door or go to the toilet drain and start peeing.

#10 Their Poop is damn STINK

Lastly, how can something so smelly come out from something so cute! One good thing is now with this new litter, we can just scoop it and dump it in the toilet bowl to flush it down.

Other than that Fabs and Olaf are very very loving cats. They love to cuddle and lie down next to you.  Happy Caturday! You can follow them on instagram @FabsAndOlaf

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