The search for the right treat (Take 1)


Post written by Weiyi aka Spoiltbytes’ husband. Photos by @Spoiltbytes.

The boys love their food. And I really do mean they love their food. So far Sannabelle has worked wonders for us. The boys love it and we’ve been trying lots of their different flavours to mix things up a little (more about that in another post).

But the one thing that we’ve been searching for are healthy treats for the boys and this has proven slightly more tricky. Now abit of insight about them.


Olaf is a glutton. He eats any and everything. Recently he even managed to get his furry paws on the ‘do not eat’ packet in the treat pack and ate that as well -_- which earned him 1 night in the hospital.


Fabs on the other hand is a picky eater. Unlike Olaf who has a eat first think later policy, Fabs spends a good amount of time sniffing and peering at the food suspicious as if we’re trying to poison him. Because of this we’ve been having problems finding a treat that appeals to them both.

The only one so far they both go crazy for are BURP brand chicken flash frozen cubes. While we’ve been feeding them that for the past 1.5 years, we don’t think it’s a very healthy treat to be giving so often. So recently based on the recommendations from one of the pet stores we frequent, we decided to try a series of different treats and do a quick review on the different treats we’ve tried.

The first treat we are currently trying is Ciao Churu. It’s a Japanese brand that specialises in what I think is best described as pureed cat treats.

Although it comes in many different flavors and it seems that the base ingredient is either tuna or poultry. And then the variations come in the form of the secondary ingredient which ranges from cod and !!scallops!! (Yes my cats eat better than me). Other than being made from fresh food, almost all of them apparently also come with green tea extract.

The puree also helps replenish water content to cats that don’t drink a lot of water (Our boys totally don’t have that problem though, they are pee monsters)

The packs come with 4 sealed tube sachets inside so there’s no pressure to finish everything at 1 shot. Big plus point for us. Wet food has always been a storage problem for us. Although we do wish the individual packs are re-sealable as well. To manage this we currently use a IKEA sealer on the packs and keep them in a Tupperware in the fridge.

Moment of truth.

We tested the treats in 2 ways. One – we fed them one by one in order to let them try it in peace. Two – we let them try all (12!) flavours at 1 shot to see which they liked and which they didn’t.

Olaf went first.
He gobbled down everything. Yuhui thinks he went for his favourite flavour first but honestly I think that boy just ate whatever was closest and just went in a circle. -_-“
Result – Great success. We had to stop him from licking the plate like a beggar.

Fabs the fusspot went next.
Although slightly cautious at first, once he started there was no stopping him as well. He went for every single flavour.
Result – Surprisingly great success as well. We remember we tried feeding him another pureed treat half a year back and he hated it. So it was really surprising him to see him eat every single flavour in front of him.

Our conclusion:
This treat definitely can win over fussy cats. We like that it is a healthy alternative to the other cat treats in the market as well which is something we’ve been searching for. However we do find the price a little steeper than the usual treat ($5.50 vs $2 for Burp) so I think the best solution is to buy a mixture of this and other cheaper treats and alternate them.

Find the perfect taste of Ciao Churu for your cats over at Nekojam, they have a huge range of flavours.

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