Getting fussy cats to take their supplements

Fabs and Olaf

Olaf and Fabs have very different eating habits. Olaf is super adventurous and will try to eat nearly anything while Fabs behaves like we’re trying to poison him with anything new. While it makes giving Fabs any supplements or medicine super hard, we also secretly think he’ll live longer than Olaf who will probably end up poisoning himself.

Olaf with Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil

Olaf and his cheeky face

Recently we discovered a really easy way to make Fabs take his supplements and medicine. We’ve been searching for cat supplements and was recommended to try Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil from Nekojam. It’s supposed to be a good source of Omega oil, essential fatty acids and good for their fur.

Fabs with Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil
However we had a lot of problems getting Fabs to take the oil directly. Even Olaf took a spoonful and refused to eat anymore after that. Both of them are on dry cat food so mixing the oil into the food wouldn’t work as well.


Fabs and Olaf eating treats

We whipped out some Ciao Churu and mixed the oil in. You can see the results for yourself in the video below XD

P.s: If you have 2 cats, it helps to let your fussier one see the other eat the treat first. Seems to make them less paranoid.

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