Stella & Chewy’s with Fabs & Olaf

Fabs and Olaf

So the boys just finished their 20kg worth of Sanabelle which lasted us for close to 5 months. We decided to try something abit different in the interim before deciding what to buy next.

Sanabelle has worked really well for us so far but we were curious to let the boys try something else. For our first experiment we tried giving them something the cat hotel had used to tempt Fabs out of his room was he was sulking the initial few days – Stella and Chewy’s

We tried 2 different flavours, chicken & fish (salmon and cod). Stella and Chewy’s is basically freeze dried food. It’s supposed to be healthier because the process ‘locks in’ the nutritional value while still retaining flavour.



It can be prepared with water to make it wet feed or just dry out of the pack. For experimentation’s sake we decided to try one served dry and one served wet.

The first up was the chicken flavour which we tried dry. Even before we got it out of the pack the boys were going crazy for it. I suspect this was the one that the cat hotel used. The gobbled up every single piece we gave them with no hesitation.

We then tried the wet feed.

They were abit more cautious but they still ate a fair bit. They didn’t finish the bowl but I think it’s for a variety of reasons.

1)      They’re not used to wet food

2)      They have always preferred chicken

3)      They might have been abit full from the chicken previously

Overall the cats loved it when it was served dry (we’ll try to experiment with wet again) and we had no problems getting them to eat it. It is a fair bit more expensive than our usual food so I think we’ll feed them this as ‘special meals’ now and then.

If you guys want to try Nekojam is having a special promotion for this month only: Buy 4 packs of Stella & Chewy (For cats) in the 3.5oz or 9oz and receive 1 pack free! Valid on all flavours except Chick, Chick, Chicken dinner :)

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