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Natural Core Cat Food Review


So we’ve been recently trying to find an alternative to Sanabelle for the boys. There seemed to be a fairly significant amount of sodium in the food (which also explains why it’s so tasty to them) but we also thought it might be contributing to the RIDICULOUS amount of fur they shed.

Over the next few months we’ll be trying new foods and monitoring whether it’s a suitable replacement for the boys and if there’s any improvement in the fur situation.

First up! Natural Core cat food. It’s from Korea and branded as as 95% organic. It also claims to help eliminate furballs and help in minimising poop smell (I think I’m already immune to the smell though -_-“).

Straight off the bat, the packaging seems rather plain and a tad unattractive. (We’re using the multi-protein Organic 95%).


To our surprise, what we loved about it was what we immediately found inside. INDIVIDUAL SACHETS.


All the sachets were portion sized and packed in air tight bags. No more worry about open bags or insects getting into the bags. Everything felt that much more hygienic and worry-free. Big thumbs up here.


The food itself didn’t have as strong a smell as Sanabelle and we were a tad concerned the boys might not take to it. So we put it to the test with our fussy eater Fabs.

We were pleasantly surprised. He went through it like he’d been eating it his whole life. No conversion issues for us.



Overall I really like the brand and the improvement in sachet packs. Assuming the ingredient is accurate, we did feel like it was definitely a healthier option. The only downside is that it is 2x the price of Sanabelle =/ We’ll monitor the hair loss situation and try other brands before coming up with a conclusive decision. Stay tuned!

Find out more at their website here.

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