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My place is almost 90% done, a little more packing and decorating I think it will be almost complete! Been staying here for almost a month, I really enjoyed the whole process of building my own little home. Here’s some sneak peak of the place while I continue to beautify it.


This is my dining area which is also a makeshift work station if things gets a little to messy in the studio. When I did up this area, I want to have a space where I can do the big pieces of my brush lettering here.


Kitchen area, this tiny space only can allow one person to be in the kitchen. One of my best purchase from Sydney would be this hand wash, you can get it at Coles for AUD 8.99 if I remember correctly. It smells so amazing, almost like a cheaper alternative to Aesop which would burn a huge hole in my pocket. Friends if you are going to Australia get some some of these back! =D What is even more amazing about this bottle of goodness is that every bottle helps provide access to hygiene and sanitation programs for someone in need. You can find out more about them here.


Another area where I spend most of my time at – this sofa. When we were shopping at IKEA we wanted one sofa take can fit my whole body (I’m 1.74m) when I lie down without my legs sticking out in the air. This is the perfect sofa that fits my theme. That teepee is for the kittens in the house when they are allowed to roam in the living area. That barn door is for my common toilet. If you notice the black cushion on the right, its from society6 designed by yours truly. The link is here.


The other corner of my living room where I put my prints. The bigger print with many postcards inside is one of my pet projects last year with 100 designers all over the world, if you want to make one like that, I’m shamelessly putting the link here. The other print is A3 in size but the frame is bigger than that, one of my recent fav that I created which is also available here.


If you notice my bathroom tiles, I made my contractor’s worker painfully did it up in a herringbone style. It took them 3 weeks to complete my 2 toilets.


Moving on to the master bedroom, this is my view from my dressing area.


My comfort area, I kept it really simple, didn’t want too much clutter so it is just the bed and 2 bedside shelves.



My bookshelf in the kittens’ room. They love this shelf because of the metal finishing, so cooling when they lie on it.


This is Fabio, who is working his way to be a professional door cat.


The start of my new garden, I only have 2 types of plants here. They are super hardy, I can forget to water them for a month and they still survive! How awesome is that. That’s about my little humble place. It’s not very big but good enough for my husband and I with our 2 new fur babies.

I also created a youtube channel for me to spam the videos of my fur babies doing retarded things, you can view it here.

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