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It’s time for Christmas shopping and I thought would be nice to share a bit of my writings with you guys. These are my unique pieces I did when I was playing with colours. I hardly do any colours if you followed me on Instagram. So I’m not sure when will be the next time I produce this bunch of colourful stuff again. I decided to profile each of my artwork to a specific person that would best describe it, if you have someone that fits the bill.

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This is def one of my favourite piece from the lot. This would suit most of someone who needs a bit of strength in from day to day, to remind them that to not be afraid :)

Available here

Take a break

For the workaholics in your life, who is always busy and always finding things to do. The busy bee.

Available here

Do what you love

This is another of my favourite piece, best for someone who has a passion for something but is not pursuing it. This would definitely be a good reminder.

Available here

Do epic shit

This is for the world changers, a person who wants to make a difference!

Available here

Be kind

You know this would be hilarious if you got it for your nasty colleague or boss haha!

Available here

Be the change

To the Complaint kings and queens, who is always unhappy about things around them to send a message to tell them to be the change instead of complaining. Subtle.

Available here

Give thanks

There’s always someone you are super thankful for.

Available here

Feed the poor

Ever have a friend who constantly keeps feeding you with snacks non stop? This may be it.

Available here

Take the risk

Sometimes, rules are there to guide. This could be for someone to give them a push to try something new for the new year.

Available here

Aim high

For my tiger mom friends, who wants to get something for their kids room for the year.

Available here

Take your time

Everything doesn’t have to be very fast paced. For the “kan chiong spiders” if you know what I mean.

Available here

Be weird

Embrace your weird friends!

Available here

Never give up

I think this works for almost anyone, who is sick and tired of life. Especially Mondays.

Available here

Well done

For the people who have given their best and did well!

Available here

Now or never

As I always tell the people around me to not wait for the boat to pass you by and its over for whatever you are set to do.

Available here

You are awesome

Lastly, for the awesome people in your life!

Available here


That’s all the coloured prints I have. Hope you get to find something you like!


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    Ida Pahus
    December 12, 2015 at 11:17 am

    I am truly amazed by your art. It is so beautiful! How do you make it?

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