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The reaction that I usually get when people come to my house is that..
1. Why is my wardrobe space shared with my husband?
2. Is that all you got?
3. How come so little?
4. How is this possible?

Due to space constraints in the house, yes that was one of the reason why I got rid of almost all my clothes when I moved in and started a strictly 80 hangers system that we really work hard to keep up.

Our 80 hangers are divided by 40 40 each, so if you see in the photos, half of it its mine and other half is my hubby.

When we really want to buy new clothes, we will have to give up something else on the rack in order to fit in the new clothes. This really helps me not only save money and not to commit an impulse buy, but also let me consider… am I really going to wear it or just buy it because it’s nice(during that time). Especially with the trends moving so fast, so many new outfits to buy everyday, it’s quite alarming how much clothes we have, throw away or giveaway.

A friend mention to me before that the amount of clothes we donate to The Salvation Army is quite alarming. So I went to do a search on it and true enough it says that they receive an average of about 10 tonnes of donated items a day, three in five of which are clothing.

Ultimately to live a minimalist lifestyle, its more than just having a white house, even the things I own have to be minimal which I’m still trying to practice but I’m quite happy with how my wardrobe is now.

White hangers featured are from IKEA BAGIS range.

This post is #incollaborationwith #IKEASG sustainable movement where everyone could play a part in positive impact for our environment through our little actions. You can check out their site for inspirations to start a sustainable living project.

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