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Kenting (Taiwan) 2 days 1 night



Earlier on in the year, I went to Taiwan and visited Kenting for a day, I stayed over at this place called La Chic from airbnb. The link to the place is here. This place is a 3 bedroom apartment. We booked the master bedroom with the toilet, if you booked the other rooms you will need to share the common toilet.


This place is not hard to find, it is just behind the McDonalds in Kenting. The person who rented the room out to us is a sunshine outgoing hot girl. She waited for more the 8 hours for us to reach there because of the delay in our flight timing and by the time we reached there, it’s already 11pm.


She also prepared breakfast for us in the morning.


She has a roof top open area outside her kitchen where you can hang out during summer. The time we went was really hot, we didn’t hang out much and we also didn’t have much time too. It was a just a short time outside to absorb some sun before we move on to the next location.


Overall I would want to stay here longer and wander around. I went to this place which is quite famous with the locals which is to eat ice tau suan.


It is quite different compared to the hot ones we eat in Singapore. Worth a try if you are there.

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