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Tons of cafes have sprouted out in Singapore over the past years, and while YH & I love to visit them, we aren’t coffee drinkers, which most cafes seems to focus on. So we’d usually get our tea fix by stocking a lot of different teas at home as most cafes has a very minimal (often outsourced) tea selection. When we were introduced to Hyde &Co, managed by our friend Derrick, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that their focus was on teas. This is also because Hyde & Co is very much influenced by Derrick’s love for London. And how can you have an English inspired café without tea right?

While Hyde & Co has no lack of hot teas, what I really love is their unique take on ice teas. Using a variety of leaves from their English imported premium tea range, Derrick and his team has created a range of infused ice teas that is absolutely perfect for our hot weather. Yuhui and I had the chance to try all 5 of their teas and here they are in order of my preference.


Prince of Egypt

My absolute favourite. (I might be biased here, I love mint). Prince of Egypt is a peppermint tea infused with lemon. It has a strong but not overpowering minty taste which goes perfectly with a hint of lemon and a good main course. It’s cool, refreshing and a perfect tea to have on a hot day.



The Addams Family

The best seller and Yuhui’s favorite. This Moroccan apple tea comes with its glass lined with sugar (like how shot glasses come lined with salt). The tea itself is light, fruity and has a sweet apple taste. The best thing about it? It has little apple cubes inside that are like little crunchy bursts of appley pops. XD


My Fair Lady

This is a typical earl grey with the added twist of being infused with sunflower and rose. Truth be told, this a tea that tastes better the longer you drink it. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the sweeter teas Hyde offers and this little cuppa doesn’t hit you immediately like how some of the fruity teas do. It was only after some time that I really started to enjoy the earthy overtones of the tea and the subtle sweetness of the flowers.



Into the Woods

If sweetness is what you like, this is the tea for you. Into the woods is a berry tea infused with flowers. I’m a huge Ribena fan so I really enjoyed this for the first sips. However, I did feel after awhile that the sweetness overpowered the taste of tea which was why I eventually preferred Fair Lady to this. If you like sweet teas though, this would be the tea for you.



Alice in Wonderland

The first pink tea I’ve ever had O_O. Like how the menu describes it, it’s a floral tea infused with milk which gives it a very bandung(y) look and texture. It’s pleasant to drink and feels like a very homely, grandma brewed drink. Not my most preferred drink (I’ve got a psychological distaste for pink drinks) but definitely a nice tea that I could easily finish.



There you have it! 5 unique iced teas that we love at Hyde &Co.

To all our tea loving friends, we highly recommend that you go check it out. PS: The Chilli Crab pasta is a perfect main to any of the teas 😉

Address: 785 North Bridge Rd, 198753
Phone: 6635 5785
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Monday 11am till 6pm
Wednesday to Saturday 11am till 10:30pm
Closed on Tuesdays

This post is written by Weiyi – Spoiltbytes’ beloved husband. :)

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