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Shiro-Hige’s Totoro Cream Puff Factory (Tokyo)


I have been bugging my hubby throughout the time we are in Tokyo to come visit this place. I love Totoro, so eating them like that would be the next best thing haha! This place is pretty well hidden and from my intensive online research I found out that their cream puff gets sold out almost at 2pm. So I had to be the first to queue at their store.@spoiltbytes
Took a bus down to the place and we had to walk around 15mins or so to reach this place.

You will be greeted by this sign, sadly I wasn’t the first in line. I was the third at least I still made it before their shop open.

Inside theres 2 sections, one to the shop and the other to the cafe. You will need to pay more at the cafe and everyone has to order at least one drink. You can do takeaways if there’s no seats in the cafe. The seats are quite limited.

We order 2 drinks and 4 cream puffs. Honestly, this is super overkill but since I’m here already, so might as well. After stuffing ourselves with so much cream puffs, we practically skipped lunch. It’s really too much.


Address: 東京都世田谷区代田5−3−1


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