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@spoiltbytes X IKEA

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored collaboration with IKEA, however all ideas, opinions and thoughts are my own.

It has been months since I planted something, last year I planted a garden of herbs but they pretty much died on me. I wanted to have the whole eco friendly – plant what you eat type of garden. So that day I went to ikea I chanced upon this amazing pot that helps you “water” your plants I felt like it is calling my name.

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So this is the pot! ANVÄNDBAR 2-piece self-watering plant pot set and I went to read up more on it: the water compartment in the middle is easy to refill and gives your plants just enough moisture and will help your plant to thrive, even if you can’t water regularly.

I bought some herbs in the gardening section at ikea to add into my pot.

@spoiltbytes X IKEA

@spoiltbytes X IKEA

I also got myself a pair of gardening gloves so not to dirty my hands and a “spade” from the kitchen section.

KRYDDNEJLIKA Gardening gloves, turquoise $3.90

SPECIELL, Pasta Server, black $1.50

The aftermath:

@spoiltbytes X IKEA

Once I’m done, began my watering session!

@spoiltbytes X IKEA

Found a white watering can that would fit into my theme.

@spoiltbytes X IKEA

BITTERGURKA Watering can, white

And the bench I got to put my garden cost only $49.

@spoiltbytes X IKEA

MOLGER Bench, birch

@spoiltbytes X IKEA

If you notice the pot starts to get a little darker as it absorbs the water, can’t wait to see how long my plants can last.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this post gave some people with “green” fingers like me a little hope in eco gardening!

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