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New Favourite item in IKEA

By Spoiltbytes

Last year, my favourite item from IKEA was the white ladder which I bought two of them (if you follow me on Instagram you will know which one). I love so many things from IKEA, I frequent the place at least once a week to check up on all their new arrivals.

There’s one that I have been eyeing lately and waited more than a month for it.

By Spoiltbytes
It will be this! Black RÅSKOG trolley (they have other colours too) which cost me $59. I have been wanting this for the longest time, without even knowing what I’m going to put on it. Now that I have it, I have so much plans to utilise it… (maybe I need more?)

Why this item over the rest other items in the whole IKEA?

Firstly, this trolley I find is super value for money, so if I calculate it:
Calculation #1 (If I use it over a period of 1 year)
$59.00 ÷ 365 = $0.16164… a day, super worth it.

Calculation #2 (If I count it by the compartments)
$59.00 ÷ 3 = $19.666666… that’s almost $20 a compartment which is very reasonable and it comes with wheels. Moving my paper around my studio is so convenient.

By Spoiltbytes

Secondly, this trolley could be used for different purpose. Currently, this particular one I’m using it for my flatlay accessories and my brush lettering tools.

By Spoiltbytes
I bough tons of glassware from IKEA to put my items.

By Spoiltbytes
I’m still in the midst of filling up all the items on the trolley, but I’m super excited to share this trolley with you first (in case it’s sold out again, faster get it).

By Spoiltbytes
Lastly, this trolley just check all my boxes for fitting into my life.
1. Black checked
2. Simple checked
3. Clean Minimalist design checked

By SpoiltbytesBy Spoiltbytes
Here are the list of items I used to put on my trolley:
1. VARDAGEN Jar with lid, clear glass (small) – $6.90
2. VARDAGEN Jar with lid, clear glass (tall) – $6.90
3. KORKEN Jar with lid, clear glass (small) – $1.90
4. KORKEN Jar with lid, clear glass (med) – $2.90
5. VÅRVIND Vase, set of 2, clear glass – $4.90
6. SOCKER Vase, set of 2, green in/outdoor grey – $19.90

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored collaboration with IKEA, however all ideas, opinions and thoughts are my own.

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