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When the food goes dangerously low for the cats, I will have two very hangry cats. @spoiltbytes

Look at Fabs with his resting bitch face.


Olaf’s face when I took the food out for him.


I usually just buy these two items online for Fabs and Olaf. A 10kg Sanabelle and a 9kg peewee each time, which I’m not going to carry those big bags myself. Imagine lugging 19kg up and down, I think I might get body ache the next day, even if its just carrying the packs to put on the table for the shoot I’m already struggling.

This time I used Kohe Pets, which is quite fast they deliver the goods in 2 days. They are quite apt in replying messages as you can also opt for paying in cash when they arrive.

So if you don’t want to carry 10kg of Sanabelle and 9kg of Peewee Litter, you can try

And lastly, I will end off with Fabs inspecting his new food that we got for him, can’t wait to try this one.


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