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A Little Spa Love from Banyan Tree


Recently received a gift box from Banyan Tree Essentials from doing an interview with them. Can’t wait to see the interview and photos they have taken. So I picked the set that has “relaxing” items in it. Honestly it was this product that made me picked it.


Due to the nature of my work, and my very bad working habits, I tend to overwork and want to accomplish too many things. So getting to sleep would be quite a problem for me after a day of intense work. I’m a light sleeper so I find it very hard to go into a deep sleep even with a fancy pillow or mattress.

So the scent of lavender helps calms me down which helps keep my mind off work. So I tried this pillow mist and I had quite a good sleep although only for a couple of hours, I had to force myself out of bed to go for meetings. This seems really promising, looking forward to try it tonight.

The gift box also includes a body massage oil which could be use as a moisturiser.

A lavender pillow which is super good for travelling, it has lavender scent all over it. I can imagine bringing this with me when I travel if not I would probably soak my travel pillow with the lavender scent before I bring it onboard.


It comes with a pouch that you can pull all of the above into it.

I notice they have a lot more items on their website that you can check it out: https://essentials.banyantree.com/

Would be a good gift alternative other than hand creams. So here are the list of items which I think would be interesting to try or get:

  1. Apple Green Tea Hair Mist
  2. Lemongrass Home Fragrance Diffuser
  3. Lemongrass Cucumber Shower Gel
  4. Jasmine Rice Hair Shampoo
  5. Aloe & Lavender Soothing Ritual

Back to spraying my pillow with lavender. Good night!

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