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Fabs & Olaf

  • Food Travel

    Ichiran Ramen (Tokyo)

    This is one of the most raved ramen when I did a search for what ramen to eat in Tokyo. My flight was an early morning flight so by the time…

  • Cats

    Summer Smart Casual

    Simple outfit for today – Layering white tank top paired with a teal stitch capri from Giordano Ladies.…

  • Food

    Tealicious – Hyde & Co

    Tons of cafes have sprouted out in Singapore over the past years, and while YH & I love to visit them, we aren’t coffee drinkers, which most cafes seems to focus…

  • Copyright @

    Singapore Pet Expo

    This is Buzz, he is Fabs and Olaf real father who happen to be this year Singapore Cat Show’s Champion. We went down to show our support and also to see…

  • Copyright @

    Sakura in Singapore

    This is the first time ever I have seen Sakura in my life! Although I had plans to go Japan this year, it has been wrecked so this is a mini…

  • Design

    Singaplural 2016

    It was just yesterday, Chang told me I had to check out Singaplural. Straight away I went to do a search on it and asked Stef and JL to go down…

  • Cats Design Home

    White House Tour

    It’s been almost a year since we gotten our keys to our home, but only manage to move in Aug/Sept last year. So welcome, let me do a e-tour! It’s quite…

  • Design

    New Year New Colouring Book

    December 2015 had opening new doors, new opportunities and new friends to me. Because of that, I get to know of a sweet lady who showed this colouring book to me. When…

  • Prints

    Prints for Gifts

    It’s time for Christmas shopping and I thought would be nice to share a bit of my writings with you guys. These are my unique pieces I did when I was…