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Background of how I got to know of this brand is through a friend and found out that she started the brand late last year. I agreed to give her my reviews online although very late but this is my honest opinions.

Took me a few months to review this but I got to say I’m almost half way through my bottles. I got it around end April so till now it’s around 2.5 months of using this product daily and I have yet to finish using it.

Before I start my skin condition is acne prone and combination type. Singapore is not exactly the best place for maintaining an oil-free skin with the humid weather we have. 

Moroccan Rose Water

Product benefit: Contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and hydration

I’m not a fan of floral scent to be honest. The first few times I use this, my husband asked me if there’s something died in the room after I sprayed it on my face. I put it aside for awhile and after I came back from my Japan trip my face was having a major pissy fit on the pimples. So I went for facial and during facial because of my skin condition at that time, they recommended using rose treatment. I was a little hesitant but agreed to it. Through the whole facial they used the rose water like free literally all over my face. After just one session, my face cleared up drastically over the next few days. It was then I started to use the rose water to calm the angry pimples on my face. So over the past 1 month that I have been using I prob have about 4-5 pimples which went away quite fast. This toner simply calm them down.

Argan Oil 

Product benefit: Rich in Vitamin A & E, 100% pure and organic.

This is my favourite product of the lot, I find myself cutting out my moisturizer and just head to use this after my toner. I didn’t know oil based product like this would work for my skin. When you apply on your face it feels velvety and after a few seconds my face seems to absorb it really well. I haven’t had any outbreak from this and it doesn’t make my face any oiler. I simply use 2-3 drops daily. I used it sometimes as a substitute for my hair oil, body oil to moisturize my nails, hands and legs. It’s my good travel buddy!

Argan Oil Face Cream

Product benefit: Vitamin E and intense hydration

This would prob be the least that I have used. As the argan oil was just nice for me in the morning and I use this mainly at night. However now I’m on this one mask every night routine which I quite enjoy the after effects of it on my skin I don’t really need a moisturizer now for my nights.

Product is available online and also in naiise stores. I think a travel set for this would be perfect.

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