Ania Black Soap Review


About two months ago, I was given this set of soap to try. The first time when I received them, my first impression was that the packaging looks clean and simple. I alternate the products when I shower, so when I did the first pump I had a shock. My reaction was like “WTH ITS SO DARK” unlike my usual body wash that is either clear or white. So this dark liquid is totally new to me, after awhile it sank in that it’s a BLACK soap after all.
So I will address the three areas that I look for in a body wash.

Black Soap With Eucalyptus

No. 1 Scent
These two products has a very unique aroma therapy scent, yet it’s not those artificial kind of smell. My fav is the eucalyptus one.

No. 2 Texture
For this soap, I tried using the luffa to foam it up and a 2 pumps goes a Long way by that meaning it could wash up to by 174cm worth of body area. Another way which is just the normal method of pumping it on your hand and rubbing this, I kind of think this way you waste more product and I would need to pump around 4x to cover all areas, but I don’t mind as the smell is even more intense.

No. 3 The after feeling
Certain soaps that I used, it feels super squeaky clean after that Super dry, for this soap it feels smooth like a layer of firm on your skin. After drying, you will feel your skin’s texture has a little more moisture and smoother.

Black Soap With Orange Blossom

Overall, I really like this product I would give it a 9/10 for something that is flown in all the way from Africa. Only thing is that the price point might be on the high side, it’s $35 a bottle so I see more like a gift for people for Christmas. If I were to get it myself, it probably needs to be on a discount or some promo. Would love to have more of it only if the wallet allows.

You can view the product at if you happen to subscribe to their email you can get 15% off!

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