Handmade Heroes Product Review


When I first saw the packaging, I must say it really stands out in a good way. I have yet to try something like these products, so I took awhile to review them so that I can give my very honest opinions and not be distracted how nice they looks!



Dry shampoo

I like it that the bottle is clear, you get to see how much content is inside. I used it when I just dyed my hair as I tried to stay away from washing my hair just so I can maintain the colours longer on my head. This product doesn’t gives off much scent which is good, it is quite easy to work around the scalp as the opening of the bottle is not too big, so spreading the powder around is rather easy. I guess for darker colour hair you will need to work in the powder a little more, as it leaves a little white cast if not rub in enough. I’m ok with it as long as it keeps my hair fresh. I would see this product come in handy for people who just have their hair dye and you want to keep the colours longer, backpacking trip when you don’t really have dryer or straightener to fix your hair or during winter when you don’t wish to wash your hair in the cold weather.



Lip scrub

This little bottle is filled to the max, when I dip my fingers in to get some, some fell out. I’m a little not used to this and the salt is quite chunky so when I applied onto my lips and go in a circular motion, it hurts a little. I was expecting the scrub to even finer. It does its purpose, but my lips feels more bruise and soft after using it. I had to put some oil to ease the redness and give it a little moisture. The next few days, my lips did feels soft. The effect did last a little longer than I expected.



The clay mask

When I opened this, I can totally feel that I’m going mess my toilet area up real bad. I didn’t had a bowl to mix the clay so I used the cover and my fingers to mix it. I had loads of clay on my basin all over my clothes everywhere. Although it comes with a spoon inside, I think would be nice if there’s a mixing bowl to mix it. So after I applied it, I feel like I’m in the army with my face painted in dirty green. After 5mins, when the clay starts to dry, I can feel my skin tighten not sure this is how Botox feels. The washing part is also quite messy, as I wash the dirty green water will splash all over my basin. I had to do a little clean up after that. Overall when I finally done, the results are not too bad in removing a portion of my blackheads without over drying my face. My face feels matte and smooth after drying but not dry. I would use it again except with a lot more caution, I would do it during shower time so I don’t have so much issue with the dirty green water splashing all over.


Hope that helps you understand the products a little more from my perspective.


You can purchase the products at their website.

This is a product sponsored review, however all thoughts, opinions and photos are mine.

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