Cappadocia (Turkey) Hot Air Balloon


This is the reason why Turkey is one of the places I need to travel to before I die. The thought of waking up early at 4am to get ready and get picked up at 4:30am to head to the hot air balloon place to start the balloon before sun rise is super tiring but exciting.


We took the 14 seater basket and me being such an asian I have have the BEST VIEW sorry fellow travellers that is on the same basket as me! I purposely waited to be the last to get onto the basket so I can be at the corner of the basket to see the left and right without having other people in my photos. The flight take place at dawn; have an average flight time of 1.5 – 2 hours and a capacity of approximately 14 people per balloon. It’s quite cold in the area where they dropped us at with our balloon. The only warmth part would be when they launched the fire. The time when we were there was around October and it’s getting cold especially at 6am.


Before we went onboard, they gave us instructions to look at. Just to make sure we don’t do stupid things like jumping off the balloon.



We didn’t have to wait very long before the balloon start to rise.


It wasn’t just us who are taking the ride that makes the whole landscape so beautiful. That’s one of the reason why Cappadocia, unlike some other places which are not that popular you will only see a couple of sad lonely balloons floating around.


We took the longer session as we thought since we came all the way here might as well no point taking the short one before we can enjoy the scenery we have to go down again.


The pilot will guide you through the valleys of Cappadocia in their balloons. During which time he can drift down through the canyons and float high above the topography to view the extraordinary landscape.


The balloon moves really slow around the places, I would suggest if you are quite lazy to walk around to explore places this might be a very good option to cover quite a few places here. But that being said, it really depends on where the wind leads you.


Depending on the skills of the pilot too, he can bring you down low into the valleys and up high into the skies. I really enjoyed the ride you can almost touch the trees when the balloon go all the way down.


About 1hour in, some of the hot air balloon had to land.


When you are about to land, there will be a van that comes over for the basket to land on.


After that when you landed, you will be presented with some wine and a certificate giveaway session for completing your ride.


If you are deciding where to go, maybe Turkey might be a good idea :)

Have a good week!


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