Summer Camping in Hokkaido


This post is a collaborative effort between Ellis and I, this is a sponsored trip to share and experience camping in Hokkaido and whatever is written is all based on our honest opinion.

Throughout this trip we have visited 7 camping sites and camped at 2 of the locations, all locations mentioned are situated around central Hokkaido.

As camping is a family activity in Japan, during summer from late Apr-Oct is very popular time to go camping in Hokkaido. We would suggest that if you could try to avoid Aug if possible as it is Japan’s summer holiday where the families will be travelling to Hokkaido for camping! 

Before you go about thinking that you don’t have any camping equipment, fret not! There is a new renting service provider in collaboration with the service station “Hokkaido Tourist Station (HTS)” and “ Soranoshita”. It takes 5 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport to reach to this one stop rental place for camping and outdoor items.


You can simply book your camping needs online via Chitose Soranoshita

Are you ready to camp?!

Naganuma Maoi Autoland Campsite

Naganuma Maoi Autoland Campsite

Highly rated by the Japan Auto Camping Federation, this popular automobile campsite features cottages with vehicle pads, an outdoor cooking area, a center house, a park golf course, washlet-equipped toilets, and other convenient facilities. – Maoi Autoland Campsite


Address: Higashi 7-sen Kita 4, Naganuma-cho, Yubari-gun, Hokkaido
Do make a telephone reservation for it, the number you can call: 0123-88-0700
Usage fee: Adults 510yen per night (For free tent site)

What I think of this place: 

This campsite is an in-between of a full-on nature camping and a commercial park camping. The area we camped at is quite near the road, so you can still hear some cars driving by at night. They have hot water in the showers for those who want to have a nice hot bath before you sleep. 

There is also a nearby Naganuma Onsen place if you want to take a shower and soak in after a BBQ session. It closes at 9:30 pm so I would recommend heading there early. They also have an outdoor onsen area that you can soak in and see the stars.

What Ellis think of this place: 

This campsite is something you could get used to easily—think East Coast Park with individual plots for you to experience camping. Kids were cycling and roaming around freely and once you have your tent set, pick a good spot to just read a book and baste under the breeze and sunlight for a lazy afternoon. There are also activities you could do in the region, like calligraphy, Japanese tea desserts, handcrafts and more. 

Right, and since BBQ is a staple during camping, do drop by the local supermarket for amazingly good meat and Sapporo beer! It is a short drive from HTS where you pick up your camping gears and equipment or camper van!

Hoshi ni Te no Toduku Oka Campsite

Hoshi ni Te no Toduku Oka CampsiteCampground open from early April to October in Nakafurano, Sorachi, Hokkaido. A famous location for looking across the Furano landscape and gazing up at the beautiful stars at night. They also have cabins you can rent for multiple people. You can also try Hitsujigaoka Genghis Khan, a grilled mutton dish which you can enjoy with a cool beer. – Japan Travel

Address: Hitsuzinooka, Beberui, Nakafurano-cho Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido, 071-0711
Usage fee: 800yen per night

What I think of this place: 

This campsite has roaming sheep, if you like farm life this is the site! They do rental of equipment so you don’t have to bring anything! I must say they have very beautiful landscape views in all four corners of the campsite.

What Ellis think of this place: 

This is my absolute favourite amongst all the campsites we visited during our trip to Hokkaido. It was so picturesque I didn’t want to leave. Standing in the breezy open, you have the Furano mountain behind you, woods on your right, beautiful landscape in front of you and cute little fluffy lambs roaming freely around the campsite. All that is left? Start pitching your own tent for you can see a sky full of stars if the weather is clear!

This is definitely on my to-visit-again list!

Kamifurano Hinode Park Auto Campsite

Kamifurano Hinode Park Auto Campsite

In the free camping site, you can pitch your tent wherever you like, while enjoying the fragrance of lavender flowers and feel of grass under your feet. Next to the campsite is Hinode Park, Kami Furano is the first place in Japan to see the new seasons lavender bloom. Wedding ceremonies are held every year as a part of “Lavender Festival” in July.

Address: Hitsuzinooka, Beberui, Nakafurano-cho Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido, 071-0711
Usage fee: 500yen
Telephone reservations to be made two months before the date of use.

What I think of this place: 

This campsite has my little cottage home, it is basically just a room but it has the Muji mixed Swedish vibes! If you do self-drive around Hokkaido, can consider this place if you don’t wish to build your tent. The pre-made cottages are literally just a box with a window and door, so you can experience the camping and BBQ without actually building a tent. However, you can also consider a campervan, this campsite has a dedicated carpark area just for campervans or if you are just sleeping in your car.

What Ellis think of this place: 

YH found her little minimalist home at this campsite. This is quite an all-rounder spot as it fits everyone—pitch your own tent in the open, set up at the camper van area, spend the night in a bright and clean bungalow or simply cosy-up in the minimalist wooden block. 

There is a field filled with lavender on the other side of the hill but we didn’t get a chance to see it as we were rushing for time but if you do, please share the photos with us!

Auto Resort Takino


It is the automatic campground which facilities standard is high, and receives the prime authorization of the five star from Japan Auto Camping Federation nationwide. – Takino Park

Address: 005-0862 247, Takino, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi
Usage fee: 1,550 yen

What I think of this place: 

Would highly recommend this place for just to get the experience without building the tent, their tents are quite new so you just have to make reservations for the pre-build tent that fits 4-6 pax. I’m honestly quite impressed by this setup as its very clean environment with the tent on faux grass. This location is huge and good for kids, they have a kids-friendly restaurant here that you go to if you don’t want to BBQ.  There is really a lot of activities you can do while you are here. I would say you could spend around 2-3 days here to slowly enjoy the environment as it is one of the 2nd biggest campsites in Hokkaido.

What Ellis think of this place: 

This is the campsite to go for if clean and fuss-free are what you need. They have ready-built white tents laid on faux grass at their camping site. Should you decide you’re too lazy to BBQ your own food, they also have a restaurant within 5 minutes walk. This compound is so large you won’t need other forms of extra activities outside of this. Really guys, what could be more convenient than this?

Oh, and did I mention this campsite is only a short thirty minutes drive from Sapporo and language won’t be an issue because they have a folder of English instructions upon check-in? 

This is definitely on my to-visit-again list!

Green Stay Toyako Campsite

Green Stay Toyako Campsite

Address: 〒049-5723 56, Tsukiura, Touyako-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
It is 30 minutes by car from Toya Station
Usage fee: 700yen

What I think of this place: 

Hobbits wannabe should totally get a cottage here to stay, the place just shouts hobbit town.

What Ellis think of this place: 

Hobbits—the first thought that popped into our head on arrival. This is an older campsite so you can expect generous space around the park, with beautiful scenery of the lake. Quite the site to just sit back and relax, being away from the bustling city and cars on the roads. 

Bifue Campsite


Address: Bifue, Chitose, Hokkaido 066-0285, Japan
Usage fee: 1,000yen

What I think of this place: 

This campsite is more for the higher level camping folks who are ready for the wild. The journey into this campsite is as though you are walking through the forest to find this hidden treasure. Amenities are very minimal but it does have a good view of the lake. It would be good if your kids love to build sandcastles and play by the beach.

What Ellis think of this place: 

Getting to the campsite would make you go into crazy thoughts about survivor if you are a beginner. The route was long and bumpy I was praying for them to not throw us out–we would literally be in the woods, in the middle of nowhere.

Upon arrival, there was civilization—mostly Japanese families pitching their tents, setting up and going to the lake. If you enjoy the beach, this would be the place to get it all!

Shikotsu Kyukamura Morappu Campsite


The tent is already set up and you can use it easily because it has all the tools and ingredients. Especially recommended for those new to camping! Breakfast is buffet in the main building with hot spring bath. – Qkamura

Address: Lake Shikotsu (Shikotsu-ko)
Take route 453 from Sapporo – turn right onto route 276.
Take route 16 from Chitose and turn onto route 453
Usage fee: 800yen

What I think of this place: 

This is where I spend my most memorable camping site, we pitched our tents ourselves here in front of Lake Shikotsu. It was really an experience to be camping in a storm, waking up to the sound of raindrops on my tent. The view for this campsite is amazing which is why we pitched our tents facing the Lake, the only downside is that we didn’t get to enjoy the stargazing as it was pouring. I would also recommend going to the onsen hotel nearby to bathe, as I won’t recommend the toilets here. I would say if you want to experience the raw and unpolished version of camping in Hokkaido, you can try it here. The cars are parked further away in the carparks compared to other campsites where you can park next to your tent.

What Ellis think of this place: 

This is THE camping site, THE camping night that drew a beautiful ending note to my week in Hokkaido. Despite the drama of evacuating our mini tents when it started pouring and then running back into our tents… I cocooned myself in the sleeping bag and had my eyes wide open—watching the ghastly winds strike my tent, hearing the raindrops pound on my tent… I finally fell asleep in the midst of the storm.

They may not have the cleanest toilet at the campsite but showering is not an issue as they are tagged with the onsen hotel nearby. So you could actually shower there in the late afternoon and again in the morning and enjoy breakfast there. If you want the real and raw camping experience with beautiful scenery, this is the one.



If you don’t have any camping gears to camp in Hokkaido (we obviously ain’t gonna lug it all the way from Singapore), you can loan it at Hokkaido Tourist Station. It is just about 5 minutes drive from New Chitose Airport. They have pretty much everything you will need for your camping—tents, sleeping bags, lamps, camper vans, etc. You can simply book your camping needs online via Chitose Soranoshita


On top of camping, there are some other activities we experienced and the places we go that could be added to your itinerary when you are going to Hokkaido.

For city girls like us who never camped, surprisingly we love the experience and would actually want to try again but this time with a more relaxed itinerary that would suit our lifestyle. I would recommend maybe you could do a 2-day camping trip and experience summer in Hokkaido instead of winter skiing that we always knew Hokkaido for. Also, their milk is super delicious, there is also Sapporo Beer that is only available in Hokkaido so don’t leave Hokkaido without trying them!

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